Karol Kalicki

President of the Board, Founder

Investor and manager with extensive experience in the real estate market, operating on the commercial property market in Poland since 1998. Founder and President of UPSIDE PROPERTY, the organization invests in and professionally managing real estate development and operating projects with the focus on increasing the value of the assets and its position on the market.

Upside’s so far proffesional activity on Polish real estate market has resulted in obtaining by Upside Property in 2017 one of the first in Poland licence for the Closed-End Real Estate Investment Fund’s Portfolio Manager granted by Polish Financial Supervision Commission (KNF). Being familiar with global real estate trends in micro-living idea, Karol Kalicki has become engaged in implementation of micro-living investments in Poland. As the response for a significant and still growing interest of institutional investors and real estate funds in micro-living sector in Poland, Karol Kalicki has found UPSIDE LIVING – a special-purpose organisation dedicated for micro-living projects (student housing, co-living, service apartments and senior housing).


Giving a full spectrum of in-house services Upside Property has become a reliable and proven in practice partner on the real estate market.

The comprehensive asset management services provided by Upside Property are aimed at increasing the value of the assets and providing the investor with a healthy return.

Jarosław Kossakowski
Project Manager

Emilia Wójciuk
Projects Manager

Katarzyna Krzysiak
Project Manager

Małgorzata Cyprysiak
Property Manager

Katarzyna Wilczarska
Leasing Manager

Małgorzata Wellman
PR&Marketing Manager

Anna Pawłowska
Investment Financial Analyst

Anna Talarczyk
Head of Administration

Kamil Ciski
Chief Accountant

Marta Kamińska
Counsellor at law